Anxiety + Stress

Is it just stress or something more?

Life is full of stressors, whether at home, school or on social media, we are constantly facing demands for our time and energy that can leave us feeling depleted. But maybe you are wondering whether these lingering feelings of depletion could be more than just normal stress. On this page you will find resources on how to deal with stress and anxiety.

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The Difference Between Anxiety and Stress

“While the line between stress and anxiety often gets blurred, there are distinct things to be aware of — including how these emotions affect the body and the root causes of each. Here are five things you should know about stress, anxiety and how they really compare to each other.”

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Julia Harkleroad is a Kansas City-based licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, mindfulness coach, and motivational speaker.

Anxiety: What's Normal and What's Not?

A quick overview of anxiety. Julia explains what is normal vs. what is more concerning.

Mindfulness 101

A quick and easy definition of mindfulness and some ideas of how you can integrate it into your life.

Engaging the Parasympathetic Nervous System

An explanation of the parasympathetic nervous system and how we can use it to help reduce our anxiety and stress. 

Stress Reduction Technique: Straw Breathing

A demonstration and explanation of straw breathing, a stress and anxiety reduction technique.

Stress Reduction Technique: Alternate Nostril Breathing

An explanation and demonstration of one stress/anxiety reduction technique called alternate nostril breathing.

Additional Resources

Stress Vs. Anxiety

A short video illustrating the difference between stress and anxiety.
Here’s another good article on the same topic.

Fight Flight Freeze – Anxiety Explained for Teens

Watch this video developed by Anxiety Canada to learn how anxiety keeps us alive, and how worries in your head affect what you feel in your body.

How We Cope With Anxiety & Stress

This one goes out to all those teens who can’t get out of bed no matter how hard they try, who have gone three days without seeing anyone (or even brushing their hair).

Anxiety Diagnosis & Treatment in Children and Adolescents

Dr. Moira Rynn discusses what diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders might look like for children or teens.